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One of the major considerations while hiring basement waterproofing or crawl space waterproofing contractors is the technology used by the contractors for waterproofing. Some waterproofing contractors use invasive methods which can be time consuming and the structure may have to be vacated while the waterproofing is being done. In other cases, toxic chemicals may be used for waterproofing and the structure may have to be kept empty till the effect of these toxins wears off. After some time, cracks and gaps are formed in the flooring and walls of the basement, and the waterproofing contractor should seal these cracks properly. Compared to other parts of the building which are surrounded by air at atmospheric pressure, the pressure on the basement floor is much more and it is more likely to be damaged. The offer from the waterproofing contractor should specify how the material used will withstand these adverse conditions. The crawl space waterproofing contractor should use fungicides which prevent the growth of fungus, mildew and molds.

Another major consideration for selection of a basement and crawl space waterproofing contractor is the warranty and track record of the company. An experienced contractor may quote a higher price for the work, as the contractor will be able to foresee the future problems more accurately, and hence be able to provide a more comprehensive waterproofing package. A new waterproofing contractor starting out, may be able to offer a lower priced waterproofing package as he may be interested in building a customer base, but may not have much experience in working in that area. It is important to check the technologies used for the waterproofing work, and if the new contractor is using a newly invented technique, it may be worth checking out. Most waterproofing contractors offer a warranty for their work, and this also has to be considered while finalizing the contract.