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Buying or selling property can be a very tedious and time consuming process, but often buying property is necessary to safeguard the other investments/savings of an individual. Financial information, particularly investments made by an individual are confidential data. Unfortunately, when this information is leaked to blackmailers and extortionists , these unscrupulous individuals will stoop to any level to grab the investments/savings of the individual. These include filing multiple false cases without any proof , just to extort money

Now many of these false cases are filed against xyz residing at abc location, just to grab the assets. abc location will be put under surveillance, so if xyz stays at abc location for more than 15 days, he or she will be assumed to be residing there and all his or her savings/assets/investments made over several decades will be seized, leaving the person penniless in his or her old age.

To avoid this problem most HNIs and wealthy individuals have to keep changing the place where they stay. Hotels are an option, but room rentals can be high, and in the peak seasons, rooms may not be available. So as a protection against false legal cases, it is advisable to invest some money in low value properties at very diverse locations. The targetted individuals can then move from one location to another as per their convenience to safeguard their retirement savings.